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Stand-up Comedian, Improviser Brave New Workshop, Actor,Model, Poet,Writer. If you’ve got an exciting project and you need booking or writing services, get in touch with me!

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kjay3Ace comedian K Jay (Kelechi Jaavaid) could walk into an empty room and have a good time jump off. The veteran has crafted a singular, laid back style that turns a stand-up stage into his living room, the audience into his guests and the evening into a funfest of topical humor. His sketch comedy is wry, bone-dry. Small wonder the man’s star is on the rise.

In 2006, K Jay premiered his humorous performance piece “It’s Hard Being Tall“ at the Minnesota Fringe Festival to enthusiastic crowds and critical acclaim. He returned to the Fringe Festival in 2007, performing “It's Hard Being Tall-Black Man Changing Hats” at Patrick’s Cabaret. From there it was a matter of traction, Which he gained at clubs like Minnesota’s Comedy Gallery, Acme Comedy Club and Minnehaha Comedy Club, appearing on television (The Morning Show KARE-11/NBC), Focus Five KSTP/ABC, eventually releasing “Scholar To Comedy” DVD and The “Art of Life” (CD) and in theatre ”The House Keepers Dirt”/Playwrights Center, Bendover… /Brave New Workshop

On “The Romance of Comedy" (DVD), ingenious routine after routine draws on everyday life for sheer hilarity. Late Nite Poet: The Art of Life (CD) delivers a deft hand at haiku to a rib-tickling turn, echoing the ribald audacity of Redd Foxx and poetic wit of Nipsey Russell. It also features his spoken word and self-styled haiku, showing a thoughtful side. He reflects on The Art of Life, “The pieces represent a theme of life's art, [an] intellectual process that [includes] empowering women of our community to respect their own beauty and cultivate that beauty,” While leaving the audience in stitches. “The Whopper Freakout” co-starring Twin Cites cohorts Asa Thibodaux and Kevin Craft, is a hit on TMZ and YouTube with more than 4 million views.

In 2010, he amped things up. He did an installment of Divorce Court/FOX-TV, And Bill Cunningham Show, Currently co-host "Man Up" show on MTN studios, picked up his road game, almost constantly touring. Major stops: 3rd Annual Detroit Comedy Festival hosted by Lewis Black. World Series Comedy Tour in Las Vegas. Laughing Skulls Comedy Festival in Denver and Trial By Laughter Festival in Indianapolis. LaughFest, Laughlin, Nevada 2015.

For 2015, K Jay is back on the road and hitting gigs nationwide.

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Feel free to email me. I would be happy to perform at your next event - KelechiJaavaid@hotmail.com