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I'm a multi-disciplined freelance artist. Whether comedy, acting, poetry, writing, facilitating and interactive experiences for web, if you’ve got an exciting project, get in touch with me!




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Comedy schedule for K Jay:


Sept 7 North Minneapolis
Sept 8 Roxy’s 1333 Nicollet Ave. S Mpls. MN
Sept 23 Spring St. Tavern
Oct 5-14 Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 26-30 Las Vegas
Nov 4 Chippewa WI
Nov 6 Verndale, MN TBA
Nov 7-14 Detriot, Cleveland, New York!
Nov 10 Webster, MN TBA
Nov 16 Island Casino  Harris MI

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Kelechi Jaavaid

Ace comic K Jay the Comedian, aka, Kelechi Jaavaid could walk into an empty room and have a good time jumping off. The seasoned veteran owns a singular, laid back style that turns a stand-up stage into his living room, the audience into his guests and the evening into a funfest of topical and observational humor. His sketches are witty depictions of everyday life via wry, bone-dry scenarios. Having notched over 50 million views with Freakout videos. His stock and trade are quintessentially cool and common sense, finding humor in everyday life. He can be wildly crazy like a kid having fun.

Minneapolis, MN/Hollywood, CA - And just as the prime ingredients in retail marketing are location when it comes to comedy, it’s all about timing: K-Jay is smooth as a Swiss clock. In short, he’s a natural born cutup who gives your funny bone a true workout. For good measure, a strapping 6’ 6” and classically handsome, he’s done modeling stents for such clients as Big & Tall Casual Male, Best Buy, Dinty Moore and Science Museum of Minnesota. His fitness workout was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune segment "How I Got This Body" in 2012. He played in the NBA summer league in the late 1980's and 1990's and has three summer Pro-Am championships in Minneapolis.

In 2010 had a breakout performance in Detroit Comedy Festival hosted by Lewis Black, plus featured in a slew of other comedy festivals. He has also acted at nationally renowned Playwrights Center and Brave New Workshop with a full scholarship for improvising acting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Played the lead in “The Father” an Indie Film that was featured in the Twin Cities Film Festival. He co-hosted BET’s Super Bowl Gospel Special with John Gray in St.Paul, Minnesota, and recently went viral with Venum Athletic wear segment on YouTube, “We Are Artist”, as well as, an appearance on Fox’s TV Divorce Court & WB Bill Cunningham Show, TMZ and CBS. This tall drink of laughter will leave you filled with dopamine, serotonins and endorphins, a real happy feeling.


Avails: Dec1-14 Dec 16-31 Jan 1-15

Schedule subject to change being the new norm is late bookings, from bookers and venues.

Reference Tony Woods, Tim Gathier, Kyle Grooms,


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Kelechi Jaavaid

Actor, Comedian, Writer, Poet

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Email: Kelechijaavaid@hotmail.com Phone: (612) 437-3981

Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.